Sunday, November 16, 2008

simple fall chain

I have containers full of decorations for Halloween and Christmas but never anything specific for Thanksgiving.  So I decided to make a simple decoration to get my house in the thankful, festive spirit.

Such a simple decoration.  You need paper,  scissors, and glue (or glue dots, to make it even more simple).  Cut,  form into a ring,  paste,  link.  

Something about the simplicity of this made me so happy.  And I love looking at the beautiful fall colors.  Maybe there is something wrong with this mind if the cutting, arrangement, and patterns of paper make me happy. 

 If something is wrong with that,  I don't want to know.

1 comment:

Miraz said...

The only thing wrong with your mind is that you love creativity and spending time making beautiful decorations instead of buying cookie-cutter stuff off the shelf (AND priced so exorbitantly high !!). Someday, when I have enough energy, I shall MAYBE take a page from your blog to "create" something. Until then, I'm going to watch your postings and delight in seeing the wonderful creations ! LOVE this chain !!