Monday, March 2, 2009

an almost snow day

As I've said before,  it rarely snows here.  Much more rare is snow on March 1st.  But to our amazement,  big flakes were falling from the sky.  We were expected to get 2-4 inches accumulation!  The excitement was in the air!!!

I rushed the kids outside so they could experience the snow falling before they jumped into the big cushy white stuff.  They had a blast catching the flakes on their hands and on their tongues.  I'm glad that I took them out when I did because within an hour the ground was covered but then the snow stopped falling.
Not only did it stop falling,  the "accumulation" melted away within an hour.  Oh well......maybe next Winter.  

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Sue said...

Great pictures, I'm sure it was fun for them! We got nothing here...I think it went all around us but we must be in some sort of a no-snow bubble! Katie would have loved to play with them out there.