Wednesday, March 11, 2009

falling in love.....again

So this is part two of the I love Jenny chronicles.  

This weekend I fell in love again with so many for so many reasons.

I fell in love again with my dear friend and am thinking our next reunions should be in five weeks not five years.

I fell in love again with my family because my kids were so sweet and my husband won the best husband of the year award.  Instead of acting like it was an inconvenience to have so many extra people in the house, he embraced it.  He watched all of the kids most of the time while Jenny and I just sat in the background and caught up and talked about all of life.  

And I fell in love with her precious, wonderful children.  Spending time with them made me remember why I loved teaching so much.  Watching them interact with my kids,  have such interesting observations on life,  and seem truly interested in the things I like to do......was so special.  
We had many special, simple moments.  Staying up late to have the slumber party (which failed miserably,  mainly due to Kaya) but it was fun while it lasted.  Having a huge breakfast of many choices.  Playing out in the backyard.  Making crafts.  Going to the nature trail.  Walking to the park.  

Both Avery and Brandon are such special,  unique kids.  I just hope that mine are as funny,  sensitive, and kind at that age.  I miss them.  The kids miss them.  Matt misses them.  We look forward to meeting again and falling in love with A & B all over again.  

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Jenny Ellen said...

WE got a little sad reading your post, because we miss you so much! Avery says she fell in love with everybody in your family, too. Brandon says, "Aren't I great?!"

Your pictures are beautiful. I love you with all of my heart.