Tuesday, March 17, 2009

lucky drinks, lucky flowers, lucky money

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  My kids were so confused this morning when I told them we all had to wear green to go to gymnastics class.  That then led to the unending questioning,  "Is she wearing green for the holiday?  Why isn't he wearing green....is red his favorite,  just like mine,  but I wore green?"  

But after we went out and about in the world,  we did have some fun with the holiday.  After naptime we had green drinks for our snacks.  Zander had green sprite,  Kaya had green water,    

and of course, to keep in spirit with the holiday.......I fixed green beer for Matt and I.
The day was absolutely gorgeous.  We went outside to play with some neighborhood friends and I was even lucky enough to receive a flower (picked from my garden) from Zan-Zan.  I really did love getting my first flower from him that someone else didn't persuade him to give to me.
After we played,  the "lucky leprechaun" visited us.  If you didn't know (which you may not,  since I thought of the "lucky leprechaun" while the kids were napping) the "lucky leprechaun" slips into your yard on Saint Patricks Day to leave money.  The kids were so excited to go looking for their treasures!

I hope each of you had a very lucky day too!!!


Jenny Ellen said...

what a great idea. maybe next year :) our old neighbors had us over for an irish feast: corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, irish soda bread and irish beer. I love St. Patty's!

RYD said...

Oh, I love the Lucky Leprechaun idea! What a sweet post - your kids look so happy, and I can imagine what your hubby looked like after you handed him that green beer. :)