Thursday, March 26, 2009

dr. doom

My daughter loves to sing.  Not necessarily songs that we all know.  She loves to make up her own songs.  And amazingly they have catchy little rhythms and this happens with a two-year old,  I'll never know.  

Her favorite little ditty is:

"We're all alone.  We're all alone.
So we have to go to the hospital.
We're all alone.  We're all alone."

Now,  she has never been left all alone so I have no clue where this song comes from.

But her newest song keeps me laughing, even now as I type it.

I've been trying so hard to get her to sing it for my video to post,  but that will never happen.  Instead she sang it at 6:30 in the morning when I really had no desire to get up.  To preface the song story, I'll have to tell you about the previous day's events.  After my children refused to listen.....even with my new discipline plan (which I promise to post later) I pulled out all the stops.  NO TV for a day.  Now I know many parents don't even show TV to their kids at all but I do,  I find it highly entertaining for the kids and myself.  And to be totally honest,  the NO TV punishment,  seemed to punish me too.....because that is the only way I get my much needed shower in the day. the sake of punishment and making a stand....I took away the TV.  And the kids hated that punishment.  They hated it so much that Kaya woke up the next morning and decided to jump in my bed and wake me up with her newest song...

The ALL CAPS words are the most dramatic,  loudest ones in her song.

"Dr. Doom.  Dr. Doom.  Doctor. Doctor.  Doctor Doom.
Mommy took my TV AWAY........
Because she is NOT bery, bery, NICE.
Dr.  Doom.  Dr. Doom.  Doctor.  Doctor.  Doctor Doom.
Daddy didn't take my TV AWAY.............
Because he is BERY,  BERY,  NICE."

I suppose I should have been mad about the fact that obviously I am NOT Bery Nice.  And that Daddy is.  And I should have been mad because 6:30 is way too early to be up and singing about your problems.  But I laughed.  And I'm still laughing.  Because Kaya is a Bery,  Bery,  FUNNY LITTLE GIRL......


Anonymous said...

That is sooo funny! She is such a character. I wonder where she gets it...hmmm. ;)

Jenny Ellen said...

we sang dr. doom all weekend.
did you get my email?
love to you...

RYD said...

You've got one smart cookie on your hands. And I personally think you're berry, berry nice. :)

Michael said...

I will pay $10.00 and one chocolate cake for a recording of Dr. Doom.

And I, too, think you are bery, bery nice, Dr. Doom. I mean, Korisa.