Friday, March 13, 2009

parenting 101 (according to Jenny)

Yep,  here it is.....part three of the Jenny series.  

Last weekend,  while Jenny and I were lounging on the patio watching my incredible husband play with the 4 kids ( because regardless of how "cool" of moms Jenny & I are,  Matt is 1000 times cooler) she said, "You guys are great parents."

Great parents......hmmm......I had to see what I was doing right.  So I asked her,  "Why do you think so?"

And she simple answered,  "You enjoy them."

I've read several websites,  books,  relied on past educational experience to figure out how I could be a little better.  Why can't this just be the piece of cake I envisioned it was?

And not one of those said,  "Just enjoy them."  When Jenny said this I answered,  "I know Matt always does but I get stressed out when I'm trying to get things done and they won't cooperate.  I'm sure he loves this weekend too because I'm just nice,  and enjoying watching my kids have fun."

That is why she is going to be an awesome marriage/family counselor one day.  She just gets the important, simple things.

So this week,  I've tried to remember her voice,  "Just enjoy them."  For the most part I do.  It is only when I go to un-fun places like the grocery store, or returning library books that they truly drive me to the brink of crazy.  Or when I'm just wanting to clean the kitchen and they can't just play nicely......that I want to pull my hair out.  When I take them to the museum,  or to go out and play, or when I simply stop all of my chores to PLAY with them, they really make me happy.    

I'm trying really hard to enjoy them.  After Jenny left,  I went on a crazy shopping trip for enough groceries for two weeks by myself.    I always said I wouldn't let my kids decide on my schedule but this was actually for me.  I didn't have any breakdowns in Publix this week,  and I didn't spend a whole day trying to put away groceries while they kept getting under my feet.

Instead.......we went to the park (3 times!).  We went for walks.  We danced to silly music.  We built "Vegas Baby" buildings with lego blocks.  I did enjoy them.

I hope I remember this a few weeks from now when they are driving me insane.  Because isn't "enjoying them" what it is all about.


Sue said...

Great advice to remember!!!

Miraz said...

Loved the pics of the kids at the playground. Where are they building these buildings ? Maybe we should plan a kids day out together oneday to the museum or something