Wednesday, April 16, 2008

answer to routines, rituals, and ruts

I am always inspired by this wonderful friend of mine but especially loved one of her most recent posts that talked about routines throughout the day. This is what she had to say,
The truth is, even in my "laid back take the day as it comes" mode, there is ritual. Things I am either in the habit of doing or enjoy so much they make their way into my days without any plan.

So this got me to thinking about my day-to-day activities. I so often think of myself as the laid back kind of gal.....then I take a look around my house. I suppose I'm laid back in some respects but I do a lot of planning and organizing that probably doesn't scream "LAID BACK" to anyone who enters my domestic palace.


I love to plan my weekly menu. And I love to post it on my chalkboard in the kitchen. Every Monday this is something I do and I secretly love it. I especially love when I have time to peruse my cookbooks to plan especially spectacular or adventurous meals. And I love to plan my grocery list by aisle and coded by the coupons I have clipped. After all of this organization, I love looking at my receipt and proudly noticing I saved so many dollars! I think this is what keeps me sane after I have just stopped the slap-fest between Z & K in the checkout aisle. This little planning ritual of mine makes me feel so together.........even if nothing else gets accomplished within my abode that week.


Oh how I love staying at home with my kiddos but sometimes I do feel stuck in a rut. So the other day I decided to make this little plan for April. Our themes for the month are Community Helpers, The Letters H & I, and the Color Green.
Yes, I do see how this will prompt many of you to laugh out loud at me for going back to my former teaching days. It isn't that I think planned lessons are necessary for the growth and development of my kids it is necessary for my sanity. How many times can I watch the same Handy Manny show or play with the Elmo Garage with Zander before I lose my mind? I need our little activities to break up the day as much as they do. And they seem to be learning with it while I get to do something I enjoy, just an extra bonus.

So it seems to me that the only way I can get to an easy-going state of mind is to have some order in my daily, weekly, and monthly life. I'd like to think that I was just so cool with whatever but to be honest I suppose I'm not. I don't always 100% follow through on my planning, but at least I have a plan. And that is what gives me peace.


Getting up at 6:00 to savor my coffee and share my thoughts with you.......

I hope your ruts, rituals, and routines bring you much happiness today.

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JennyB said...

this post makes me so happy I am just giggling! what if we are only writing our blogs for each other? i love you so very much!