Wednesday, April 2, 2008

sock gloves

The latest in Zander's quirky silly behavior is this....sock gloves.

Starting a few days ago, after he saw his Dad wear latex gloves to chop onions, he decided he needed to wear gloves, sock gloves to be exact, at all times. I did convince him that we don't wear them while eating at the table so now he immediately takes them off before climbing into his booster seat.

I have had a good laugh this week seeing all the things you could do while wearing sock gloves. I would think they would be a hindrance to most activities but Zander has proven me wrong. Here are some pics of just a few things you can do while wearing sock gloves....

Read a Book with Mama

Eat Lucky Charms

Color with Kaya

Walk down the stairs

Take care of a Baby

Go on a Ride

If you're thinking that Kaya is my serious child, that is where you are wrong. The same day Zander started sporting his sock gloves, Kaya gave her Grandma a new name, "Bugga."
Oh, those silly kids!!!


JennyB said...

such a faithful mama even when your feeling yuck! Are you feeling better?

Michael E said...

I'm kinda surprised Matt doesn't wear latex gloves most of the time. He just seems very hygienel.