Sunday, April 20, 2008

a backyard package

A few months ago, when Matt went on his Vegas trip, he brought Zander & Kaya 2 of the Backyardigan characters. They were absolutely thrilled......but of course Zander then thought he needed the Blue Backyard. The funny thing about this was that he thought his Dad had to go back to Vegas to get a Blue Backyard.

A week later two of our favorite friends came to visit and Zander asked them if they could go to Vegas to get him a Blue Backyard.
And because they are the best in the world, they did manage to find the Blue Backyard for Zan-Zan. They went to The World of Nickoledeon instead of Vegas but Zander didn't know the difference. (Although I'm sure Ben would have preferred to travel to Vegas instead!)

Here Zander and Kaya are opening their package up with such anticipation.....

Look at our backyards!!!

And finally, A Backyard HAT!!!

Thanks Nelsons......we love our treats and can't wait for you to move closer to us!!!

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