Friday, April 11, 2008

friday treats

I decided to listen to some of you and rest & take it easy. At least for today. And it has been great......I have done no housework, no cooking, I didn't even make up my bed.

I took over an hour to shower, dress, do my hair, makeup, and nails (Whoaaa....that is huge) today-which is about 70 minutes more than I usually spend on myself. I was getting all fixed up to go have a kid-free lunch with this cutie.

After our lunch date I went shopping at a nice, leisurely pace. It was quite nice to shop and not continuously referee the two little ones! I went to my favorite store, Trader Joes, to get some yummy fruit & snacks and these bright happy roses for myself.

I then traveled on to my favorite bookstore, Bookmiser, which sells used books. I love their selection and the atmosphere. I also love trading in my books for store credit! I usually walk out with way more books than I could possibly read in a reasonable amount of time but today I only selected these treasures.

So now, I think I'll continue treating myself and go watch The View that I recorded. What were your Friday treats?

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Michael E said...

Matt looks good. Real good.