Tuesday, April 22, 2008

wedding weekend

This past weekend we traveled to Kentucky for my cousin's wedding. Here is the beautiful bride with her groom...

I was so proud of the kids and how well they did to only be 1 and 2. Zander was the typical male though and kept saying "Is it starting?" (before the wedding) and "Is it over yet?"( during the wedding). Kaya was excited to hear the wedding music and kept saying "Kaya play piano please." One day Kaya.....
Uncle Michael and Aunt TeTe helped to keep them entertained.

I felt so old seeing Rebecca getting married. I used to babysit her and her 2 sisters (below). I remember putting all 3 of them in the back seat of my old Buick to go to the pool......all while blasting out their ears with my singing and loud music. They were such good girls and I always loved watching them whenever the chance came about. Here are the two other sisters, Lora & Felisha.

Zander especially liked the reception. The food, punch, cake, and going to the potty were great fun for him!

He was also excited to see his cousin Kelsie.

Speaking of cousins, I was excited to see mine too. We have so many memories from childhood (most good, except for a few squabbles here & there!). That is the only thing I don't like about living away from home.....all of the family I miss seeing. I guess that just makes each visit more special. Here are the 4 oldest girl cousins- Amy, Angela, myself, and Kim. Angela is the oldest (who always bossed us around, she also kept us well entertained). Amy is her sister and closest to my age, only 4 months apart. She is sweet and happy-go-lucky. She got along well with everyone, I think she was the only one usually not involved with fussing.
Kim is the youngest. She was the tomboy who loved cars (having 2 older brothers makes that easy to understand). Now she is such a hardworking, dependable, and fun person whom everyone loves. And I suppose they would describe me as the nerdy one who only wanted to read, not go out & explore or ride bikes. Not much has changed!

It is a blessing to have so many family members I love and enjoy so much!

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Tee Tee said...

I am so glad to see that I FINALLY made the blog. It made my day. We had a really good time. Love Ya - Tee Tee