Tuesday, April 8, 2008

recuperation activities

Now that I'm back on the full-time job of wife, mother, teacher, maid, etc....
I thought I'd reflect on my recuperation activities of the past two weeks. It was quite wonderful to know my kids were in the best of hands and be treated like a princess non-stop by my mom. So recuperating from surgery is good for something!

I loved it that Zander and Kaya acted like it was a great treat to see me when I wasn't resting or sleeping. I even had the joy of giving Zander some cross-stitching lessons. He loved it so much that I ordered him some lacing cards from schoolbox so he could sew by himself.

I read a lot of books. My favorites were Change of Heart, The Sunflower (if you're looking for a warm, romantic, feel-goodie, this is it), and The Undomestic Goddess.

On afternoons when the weather was nice, I would go outside and watch the kids play. They have become quite addicted to popsicles now. Wouldn't this face make anyone feel good?

And I think I read 20-30 magazines. I know all there is to know now about the celebrity gossip world, how to be a green family, and the best diets out there that are guaranteed to make you look fabulous. I also found tons of recipes I'm eager to try. Which prompted this little project.....on one of my last day of recoveries (which still wore me out, I went to bed before 8). Family Circle had this recipe on one of its covers-I could not resist making these adorable pupcakes!

So that what I was up to while recovering. What would you have done?

Now it is back to getting up an hour before the kids to have some time alone, making lists of things to do , planning play-dates, writing lessons, grocery lists, cooking dinners, cleaning the house, planting flowers.........

Sounds like I need to jump to it, huh?


JennyB said...

as your online therapist, before I delve into how happy I am that you had that time to recover (Thank you Korisa's MOM!!) and that you did those yummy things with your time (not to mention holy cupcakes- those are adorable!), please don't push yourself too fast, take it slow...be kind to your body that has been through a lot and know I love you.

JonDavid and Karissa said...

Where did you get all this ambition from? I am gonna have to agree with Jenny! REST MORE. LOTS MORE!!!!! You need it and deserve and are allowed to have it.
I posted on your hair blog too.