Saturday, July 12, 2008

diamonds are a girl's best friend

Yes, I wanted to have a girly-girl, full of love for glitter & ruffles & sparkles & pink & jewelry.
And sometimes you should be careful for what you wish for....

Since Christmas ( when I got my diamond necklace) Kaya has been fascinated with Diamonds. She loves looking at them and touching them and talking about them. Anytime I wear mine she immediately notices. She once told us that she wanted Grandma's diamond (which is a rather large one so you have to admit the little one has taste).

Last weekend we were talking about Kaya's love for diamonds and her Grandma said, "Matt is it okay if I give her the bracelet." I immediately said, "What bracelet?"
His mom had bought a tiny bracelet with diamond chips in it last year and Matt just thought it was ridiculous to give it to a one-year old. But, luckily for Kaya, he decided not to try to fight the girls on this one, this time.

And now, Kaya loves her diamonds. When she wakes up the first thing she tells me is "Wear diamonds mom," I remembered she also had a silver bracelet someone gave her as a gift before she was born (which I loved and Matt said was ridiculous) and she has to wear that one all the time too. She loves to walk around and look at her arms and say "Pretty diamonds. Pretty silver."

So my 22 month old is wearing fancier jewelry than I am on most days. Can you imagine what jewelry she'll be requesting for adornment in a few years from now?

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