Tuesday, July 15, 2008

palm tree

The other day, while the kids were painting, Kaya was very seriously painting and looked at me and said, "I draw you a palm tree, mom." I said, "Okay, that sounds nice", and walked over to do something at the sink.

I walked back over as she was finishing. She painted a long trunk and then looked at me and said, "Finished palm tree, mom."

I know we all think our kids are brilliant in every way, shape, or form but this almost floored me.

Matt was sleeping in so when he woke up I casually mentioned that we had been painting and Kaya drew a palm tree. He didn't say much because I think sometimes he tires of hearing about Z & K's every little move.
But then he went downstairs and I heard, "Wow! It does look like a palm tree!" , "She's not even two!"

I just had to share this story about my little artist. Now I'll go and quit being that mom who thinks her kids are the best.....go ahead and roll your eyes if you wish...
I just couldn't resist...


JennyB said...

Frame worthy, for sure!


RYD said...

Totally NOT rolling my eyes! In fact, you are right, that was awesome and she is such the little artist. Be proud! :)