Wednesday, July 16, 2008

schedule change

No matter how you organize or schedule your life, plans change. Today we were so excited to go see a wonderful friend for her birthday. We had talked about our day trip, picked out fun birthday cards, and were ready to go!

And yesterday afternoon, Zander got sick. Then last night, Kaya followed suit. So today we are trying to get better, postponing our trip, and there is no way we are following this schedule.

Today's schedule consists of snuggle time, as much TV as desired, and endless sitting in mommy's lap to get hugs and kisses.

Today's schedule consists of lots of books and lots of popsicles.

Today's schedule is not as hectic but full of love.

We can always get back on our daily schedule next week.


Anonymous said...

They may want to be sick everyday which such good care!!!!! I can finally leave a comment!!

Sue said...

We missed you today but hope that you are all feeling better after all the snuggling and loveys!

JennyB said...

Hey Korisa! I am helping a friend make a daily schedule for her kids. What does independent play look like at your house?

Marcy said...

Interesting to know.