Thursday, July 10, 2008

just give me my coffee and no one will get hurt

Really, all I want is to drink my coffee in silence......with no one chattering, no phones ringing, no gladiator fights going on in the adjoining room. That is what i was thinking to myself yesterday when it took me 45 minutes to take my first sip of coffee after it had been poured into my cup.

So this morning I decided to get up when Matt left so I could enjoy that quiet pocket of time to myself that I always savor if I can get my body to budge out of bed. I love that time in the morning.....I can read my inspirationals/devotionals for the day, I can surf the web, I can cross-stitch, I can blog, I can drink my coffee.

So much for the best-laid plans.

Lets backtrack for a while here....
Lately Zander has been having nightmares at night. This has really been bothering me (but that is another post completely) because I wonder what in his life could give him nightmares. So he has been waking up crying and I've (sometimes with Matt) been going in his room to comfort him. Sometimes we take him back to our room to go to sleep.
The other night he did have 2 valid nightmares where he needed sincere comfort. The 3rd nightmare I wasn't so sure about...and that was after we took him to our bed. I told Matt the next day, "I think he's trying to win one over on us."

Flashforward back to today....
Around 5:15 am I hear terrible crying from his room. I rush in there and immediately when I open the door the crying stops and he says, "Mommy's bed, please." I told him "No, you can stay in here and sleep.", then I stayed in there a while to comfort him, and left.
As I walked back into my room I whispered to Matt, "Yep, he's playing us."
Obviously Matt didn't hear my whisper in his groggy, sleepy state.
Less than 2 minutes later I'm in the restroom, hear the cry again, and hear Matt's footsteps in the hall. A few minutes later I get the great surprise of Zander in the bed.

Not that he is terrible to sleep with, but once he crosses the threshold of his room he thinks sleeping is over with. Yes, this is the same child who will stay in his room until 8 on most days. But if he's out of his room at 5:30, it must mean lets get up for the day at 5:30.

Which means my quiet pocket of time has disappeared.

Since we have been up I've had numerous requests for different things, complaints about snacks & drinks (there was time this morning that he reminded me of that annoying little girl in the commercial that says, "I don't like broccolli."), and continuous begging to turn the tv on. At one point I looked at him and said, "I can't believe I'm arguing with you over a sippy cup because it is "Yuck" this early in the morning." And he replied, "Why, Because there isn't a seven on the clock yet, Mom?" Okay, so he is still a cutie even when I would rather him be asleep and me be alone.

After catering to all of his needs, I'm finally drinking my coffee. But I refuse to turn the tv on. He has been begging and even told me, "It isn't too fun right now, mom." I just answered, "I know, that is why you should sleep in your room in the morning."
Now I'm going to try to take my little time to myself the best I can while being bombarded with 1000s of questions.

Oh no, now I hear Kaya waking up.......much earlier than usual. And of course Zander heard her too and wants to go rescue her from the confinements of her room.

I give up......Give me that damn remote, just turn that tv on. I'll just finish my coffee while we watch Noggin.

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JennyB said...

and this is why I don't completely get rid of the television!