Sunday, July 27, 2008

zander's birthday week

I know I haven't posted in a has been a circus around here this week, Zander's birthday week. There is so much I've wanted to write about and share with all of you. That will come later on when I am over this crazy exhaustion. It is a good exhausted feeling. One that has come over me due to never-ending fun, laughter, and creation of wonderful memories with my friends and family.

Until I write again you can enjoy these pictures of my big 3-year old boy. It has been a wild, fun, delightful ride the last three years!


Tee Tee said...

I love the pictures of Zander. He looks like a little man. Can't wait to come and visit with all of you this coming weekend. Love Ya, TeeTee

JennyB said...

I love 3! I love 3! It is so fun to have a three year old in the house.

Happy Birthday Zander!