Tuesday, July 15, 2008

facing our fears

I'm not one to make fun of people with phobias because I know exactly how it feels. Since I was young I have hated tall man-made structures that have any kind of cracks or holes that you can see through. My cousin still loves to laugh at how I hated to go out on their deck that was on the 2nd level because I could see through the wood boards.
Yes, I hate wooden bridges, steps that aren't concrete. even this playstructure because it has tiny little holes all the way to the top. Yikes!

But what I feared most was that Zander was going to be the same way. For the past few months he would go to the top of our structure in our park but did not want to go down unless mommy or daddy was with him. So I would put on my fake happy smile, march up there (as I felt my heart race when I looked down) and slide down with him. I kept saying "It will be so fun to just do it all by yourself!"

And finally, yesterday, he did. Without any prodding he went all the way to the top and slid down before I even knew it!

He went down again and again with the look of glee and the squeal of laughter each & every time.

He got so brave that he even agreed to catch his little sister when she went down ( not that she needed prodding, she is fearless, which has me scared in a totally different way).

I also faced another fear I've had as a mother. I let them go on all the big "dangerous" stuff that I've always fretted that they would fall on and require a trip to the emergency room.

I actually took a risk and sat on a bench (for maybe 2 minutes...baby steps here) and just watched them play joyfully each other while taking their own risks. I'm sure it was more fun than having me stand right by them saying, "Careful!! Watch that edge.....don't step on that!"

I am proud that Zander and I both faced our fears......we all had the best visit to the park!

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JennyB said...

I am so proud of you. I always think of you when I walk on stairs or bridges with space between them :)