Monday, October 6, 2008

at home, recovering

I am now home and spending my time in bed. It is going fairly well considering what I went through last week.

The total hysterectomy initially went well. Quick, smooth, no problems. It was predicted I would go home the next day. During recovery though, I started losing consciousness and my blood count dropped to an extreme low. AFter an ultrasound it was discovered that I was having internal bleeding. The doctor was immediately called and a blood transfusion was ordered. AFter this transfusion, the blood count was still low so another procedure was done to figure out what was going on.

The next day I had another minor surgery to determine what was going on. On friday I received two more units of blood and finally my count was high enough to start recovering in the healthiest way. I ended up coming home Friday night instead of Thursday early afternoon.

Thank goodness for the wonderful doctors, nurses, and staff at the hospital. Even with all of this going on, I felt totally at ease and in the best of hands. Thanks also for all of your well-wishes and prayers....I think that added to my calm attitude about the additional surgery and transfusions. Everyone did such a remarkable job taking care of me.

Now at home, my mom and Mattie are doing a great job (even though I think I'm getting on their nerves at times). Zander and Kaya are keeping me happy too. They supply me with plenty of kisses and stuffed animals to snuggle with.

I hope to be in true "blogging" spirit soon so I can share thoughts (that aren't about surgery) with you. Right now I just want to sleep......


Tiffany said...

Bless your heart! I'm glad that everything is okay now. Finally, after recovery, no more excruciating pain.

RYD said...

You poor thing - I wish you a very speedy recovery. Glad you have loved ones around you to make that possible.

JennyB said...

I got all teary when matt called me to say you were okay. Thank you Matt! I am so glad you are recovering. I wish I were there with you.