Friday, October 24, 2008


Oh the wonderful stage of three, the whys?

I remember before this was my actual child doing the why asking I thought it was so cute. Why did parents get so annoyed? Their children are just curious, exploring, fascinated by the world. Why would you want to squish that enthusiasm?

Why or Why Not? Those are the questions.

Now that I'm in that phase I just look back at my past self and say, "See, you don't know everything. You shouldn't have judged those moms."

Because now I hear Why or Why Not approximately 4 million times a day. And I wouldn't mind if the questions were actual questions that want to know why something is happening. Zander wants to know why about everything. Everything. For example, he and Kaya want to go downstairs to play. So my mom tells them, "lets go downstairs to play." "Why?"he asks. "Because you wanted to go." He answers, "Why?". "Well, why did you want to go?". "Why not?" he answers.

No, we no longer can even get through the most simple daily rituals without hearing Why or Why not. ( I think I've heard it at least 20 times in the background as I've typed this.)

In the midst of the Whys and Why Nots I have tried to keep my cool. I have tried to shove it in my brain that this is a totally normal developmental phase. But this morning, I had it, I had one too many Whys directed to my morning foggy brain that had yet to fill up with its required daily dose of coffee. I had it and went, "Aargh! Then Zander said ( of course), "Why did you say Aargh?" I answer, "Because you ask me why without really wanting to know why, and it aggravates mommy." And then he laughed and said, "I know, it is funny."

, Oh Why......Why not aggravate mommy when you know it will?

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RYD said...

The problem is, as moms, we are programed to educate our kids. So when they ask a question, we immediately want to teach. The problem is we have to train our brain to accept that sometimes, we don't have to answer! Aimee is very much like your kids - why, why, why. Many times she asks questions to which she already knows the answer (those ones make me insane). So, I just answer the ones that I think need answering and ignore the rest. Makes me much happier!