Saturday, October 11, 2008

you don't know what you've got.....

Being unable to do all the things all I love to do for a few weeks makes me realize what I miss most. Like lifting up my kids and bending over to put on socks. I just have the strongest urge to grab Zander and Kaya up and snuggle them to pieces and lift them up and down. I also don't think I've ever had colder feet until now, that I have to ask for help to put socks on. I had an emotional moment earlier this week when I cried over all of these things. I guess Immediate Menopause will do that to you.

But I also have missed something else. My brain. Seriously. I'm convinced when I was under anesthesia that they took a portion of it along with all of my womanly organs.

When I started reading about how long the recovery process could take I made so many plans for things to do while I rested. So many crafts. So many books. So many things to journal and scrapbook about.

But now I have the attention span of a flea. I do still have enough brain matter to read mindless magazines and watch every ridiculous show on television though. For all of the things I'm missing right now I have gained a few things.

Like, how to make sure my eyes are highlighted to their fullest potential with eyeshadow, due to the numerous makeover shows like Tim Gunn's Guide to Style & What Not to Wear that I have watched in the past week. But these shows also make me dream of outfits I can recreate from pieces I already own in my closet. And they've made me fantasize about getting gorgeous purses, shoes, and coats...a girl can dream, can't she?

I've also caught up on all of the Snapped shows on the Oxygen channel. Yep, that is the show about women who "snap" and commit horrific crimes. But that is not as bad as Wife Swap (which I think a month ago I said I would refuse to watch such a show). I've also caught a few of the Disney Channel teeny-bopper shows to deal with my mindlessness.

But my guiltiest, most mindless, pleasure of the week has been watching Gossip Girl. I rented the first discs from NetFlix and have become slightly addicted. Yes, I know that it is sad that a 32-year old woman gets so much joy out of watching over-indulgent, rich teenagers party, catfight, and get in all sorts of trouble. But those rich, spoiled kids have grown on me and I thoroughly enjoy it.

I miss my physical abilities and I miss my brain. But here's to mindlessness.....I'll get back to me (hopefully) in a couple of weeks. I only have so much time to catch up on trashy magazine reading & ridiculous tv watching.

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RYD said...

Actually, the brain you describe sounds exactly like the one in my head. Ever since I had kids I have the attention span of a hummingbird. Hang in there, honey!