Thursday, October 16, 2008

letting go

My heart is breaking today......and I know some of you will call me wimpy. Matt is taking my two babies on a trip to Kentucky for four days.......and it kills me to think of being without their cheerful faces that long.

Now, this was originally my idea. Pre-surgery, before I was so emotional and attached to my little ones, I said "Well you could take them for the weekend to go visit your family while I recuperate." I think in my mind that I thought he would go Friday after work, then be home by Sunday afternoon. That I could handle.

But they are leaving this afternoon. I feel like such a weepy, crazy mess. How can I be this attached? I do think if I wasn't so bored resting and recuperating, I would handle this much better.

So I'm gonna try to suck those tears back in, kiss and hug the little ones like crazy before they leave, and wish them the best time. My mom is still here helping out so maybe she can knit while I quilt or cross-stitch and we will watch tons of LIfetime movies. And hopefully I'll be a tough mom this weekend who can live without her kiddos.

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RYD said...

Your emotions are totally understandable. You just endured a very difficult and life-changing surgery, and therefore you are feeling very vulnerable and emotional (and mortal). Allow yourself to feel sad and weepy! But also know your children will be fine with your sweet husband.

Hope the time goes by quickly. :)