Sunday, October 26, 2008

how to have fun with a scary guy

To all of you moms out there who want to have a girly-girl who feeds her little dolls, and do all things prissy and fancy.......I hope your wish comes true. I guess I shouldn't complain, because Kaya is pretty girly and very "motherly" to her toys. Just not always baby dolls. It is the scary guy again. (She also has the Incredible Hulk figurine that she loves to carry around and kiss, I just haven't caught a picture of that yet.)

So here are some ways to have fun with a scary guy (if you are lucky enough to have one living in your house). Oh and Kaya did tell me that "Scary Guy" was a girl and had a gia (vagina)....I'll post on that topic later. You probably needed to know---I didn't really know how to differentiate sex in a skeleton, I'm glad she informed me.

Tell your scary guy a secret and your big brother will tell you one.

Make sure you talk to scary guy and tell her how much you love her.

Give your scary guy some lunch.

Read her some of your favorite stories.

Get on the floor with your scary guy and see the world from her point of view.


RYD said...

Okay, I laughed out loud at some of those. By the way, congrats on the new look of the site!

Jenny Ellen said...

my kids are going to laugh at this one! They ask me all of the time about Kaya and her skeleton. (Hey, that could be the title of your children's book:) I will send you their comments.

JonDavid and Karissa said...

This is wierd, funny, interesting and totally halariouse! karissa