Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas........what a perfect day

Oh the joy of Christmas!

It has been such a perfect day. Simple, slow, satisfying.

We just got back last night from several hectic days visiting family. It was a treat but we are all exhausted. So today we are enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

I spent so much time shopping, wrapping, preparing for this big day. And my kids didn't disappoint. It took us close to 5 hours to unwrap our gifts (and there weren't THAT many). Zander & Kaya savored each moment. They played with their big Santa gifts at first for probably 30 minutes or so.....and then we finally moved on to smaller gifts and stockings. They wanted to stop and enjoy every little thing. One smaller gift and a few stocking surprises and it was time for breakfast.......then time for a nap.

During their morning naps, Matt and I enjoyed opening our gifts together. He spoiled me wonderfully with a beautiful necklace!

Once they got up we slowly opened more gifts and played in between. I'm so glad we got to enjoy the whole day together and didn't rush through our material gifts and our gift of time with each other.

In our slow, easy, day we are all now getting ready for more naps. It is cold, rainy, and the perfect lighting for a long snuggly nap on the couch.

Once again.....what a perfect day.......simple, slow, satisfying.

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Grandma V said...

Well, good morning. I sat here at work today with my coffee and read through your site and looked at your pictures. Very nice. I agree with you about your comforter being bright and colorful to wake up to in the morning. While I was reading through your 2008 resolutions, so to speak, I noticed you were only shooting for the 1 day of pampering yourself with a pleasant bath. You need to push for nightly on that one. Matt could watch the kids if they aren't in bed and give you 45 minutes to yourself nightly. I know that when I was a stay at home mom someone always wants your attention. Chores want your attention. By the time the kids went to bed, then Dan (my x) wanted my attention. I found that by then I had not much to give once the kids were down, dinner done and house picked up. Last thing I wanted was one more person to need my attention. Once, I made the decision that I would allow myself that time in the bathroom, uniterrupted, relaxing, bubbles all around me, catching my breath for the first time the whole day, I had a little more of me to pass out and a much nicer side of me to share.
Keep me posted about your endometriosis. My son's wife had that and last year they did a hysterectomy on her and she has felt great ever since. She suffered for 2 horrible years with, headaches, bad periods, sex that hurt...and now she has a new lease of life. Her family physician was the cause of such pain and suffering, he hated to send her to a specialist, insecurities I guess that someone might know more than he. When she did decide to bypass the doc and go to a specialist, it had attached to her kidney and another organ. Silly doctors. But she is good now.