Thursday, December 13, 2007

magically delicious

Oh those Lucky magically delicious!!!

The way my kids eat them you would think they do have some sort of magical (and addicting) power. They LOVE them.....LOVE them so much it is utterly ridiculous.

I used to love the mornings-so relaxing-I would give the kids their milk and cereal and they would eat like good little children while I gulped down my first cup of coffee. That was before they were introduced to Lucky Charms.

They now get their bowls and race through eating the marshmallows. Whoever finishes first will then start scavenging through their sibling's bowl to find their marshmallows. The ultimate act happened today......Kaya spilled her bowl and discovered there were more marshmallows on the very bottom. Seeing this, Zander decided to turn his bowl over to see what appeared. They then both started clammoring for the last few marshmallows on the floor.

I wonder why I thought this was a good idea in the first place. I am usually fairly strict about what they eat. They must have all of the food groups during the day, plenty of water, not very much juice, I've even started them on all-natural vitamins.

It must have been the nostalgia of how good Lucky Charms used to taste before I went to watch Saturday Morning cartoons. It must have been the cute leprachaun (who doesn't like Lucky). Or it could have been their clever advertising "Whole Grain Guaranteed in each box". What mother would pass that up?

So now I must I stop the Lucky Charm madness or let them continue to have their "magically delicious" fun?

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