Friday, December 14, 2007


Today, out of all days, I need my 2 little ones to take a nap at the same time. PLEASE......I just desperately need that hour or two.

Today, however, out of all days, Kaya decides to giggle and jump in her crib. I let her stay in there for a little while and then decide to go pick her up and rock her for a little bit.

I hold her and it was so sweet and peaceful. She is gazing up at me and I'm thinking "I could do this forever, what a sweet precious little girl."

Then, I feel a little hand pinching my nose and hear Kaya say, "HONK!". And then she laughs hysterically.

Can anyone give me some advice on what to do when she is 14 years old if this is what she is doing at 14 months old?

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JennyB said...

from the moment Avery was born my motto every day was 1 and whole purpose was to get both of my kids to sleep at 1pm and 7pm. If I could do that, well, it was more amazing then walking on water.