Sunday, March 23, 2008

dear easter bunny

As you all know, I have surgery tomorrow morning (Monday at 7:15) so this may be my last post for a while......or I may get some really good drugs and really post something interesting.

But I thought I'd leave all of you for a while with some Easter cheer again....and if I feel well enough this week, I'll share some photo remixes and slide shows of the 57 egg hunts we had this week. (that is only a slight exaggeration.......I tend to be very festive during all of the kiddos only add to my madness). Yesterday, we wrote letters to the Easter Bunny to leave at the fireplace for him to see when he visited us. The kids loved decorating and telling me what to write in the letters. It was very cute of them.....

Here they are picking out the many stickers to put on the letters.

Kaya is putting much thought into her letter....

The decorated side of the letters.

The Dear Easter Bunny letters...I've typed out what each say below.

Dear Easter Bunny,
Like stickers. Love you
Easter babbit. Thank
you. Please.

Dear Easter Bunny,
Thanks for coming to my house.
Can I have an egg please? I also
like a yellow care bear with hat,
orange scissors, and a blue &
red balloon.
I love you,


JennyB said...

i really hope this surgery helps you feel better. I hope you feel amazing even when the pain relievers run out.

Happy Easter, dear dearest of friends!

Anonymous said...

We are thinking about you and hoping all goes well! We love you (and your wonderful family). Feel good soon!!!!!