Wednesday, March 26, 2008

fun with uncle michael

Well, fun with ex-step-brother Uncle Michael, that is. My kids have to be thoroughly confused that they have 3 Uncle Michaels and 1 cousin Michael. But anyhow....

The past weekend we had the pleasure to have this Uncle Michael with us to visit. He is one of Matt's best friends, and he is definitely the funniest guy I know. He is also the one who set Matt & I up on our blind date 9 years it is him we credit for our continual marital bliss...
I always love his yearly visit because he makes me laugh so much. During this visit he told me what an avid reader of my blog he is, so I assured him that he would be the subject of one of my posts. So here he is....there are more very ridiculous photos coming of him later this week.

The kids seemed to love Uncle Michael as much as we do. When he wasn't around they often asked, "Michael, where are you?". Zander loved playing with him and Kaya loved laughing at him.

Michael.....Thanks for visiting us and being one of our favorites......I hope you liked your entry into the CraftyKorisa blog!

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Michael E said...

Yes!! Oh, how sweet it is to make The Blog. I knew if I just stuck to it and kept my nose to the grindstone I would one day get here. This just goes to show you that in this great country the American dream is alive and well. God bless.