Wednesday, March 19, 2008

go get your camera

"Go get your camera Mama."

After so many attempts at trying to get a picture of my two kiddos, I NEVER thought I'd hear those words. But, the other day, when Kaya and I got Zander up from his nap, he wanted me to take a picture. Once again the two wouldn't look at me but I did snap this shot.

I can't decide if I truly captured the moment or if they planned this pose for me.
They love to look in each other's eyes now and giggle hysterically. Sometimes they'll kiss each other but usually one does it and the other gets mad.
I can't wait to pull out this photo one day when they despise each other!

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JennyB said...

i put that quote up, thinking of you. you who brings water with her wherever she goes...