Friday, March 14, 2008


I have to admit, this week has been a hard one. I feel like it will never end.....

I have cried more, been saddened more, suffered more this week than so many others in my life. Nothing Significantly bad for me......just a bad week.

It started out with severe cramping and bleeding (which I know I said I wouldn't dwell on earlier...ok, I'm a liar). I was in so much pain, and the bleeding was so much, it had me in tears. But now I feel some better.....horray!!!!
Then we found out Matt's Mammaw.....whom I call Creepy (long story behind that) fell and broke her hip and had to have surgery. But she is now doing exceptionally well...horray again!!!
And then I found out one of my best friend's mom died, she seems to be dealing with it as well as she possibly could......but no horrays there, please keep praying for her.

But point here is Compassion.

I've been so down and out this week but I've also witnessed and seen so much love and compassion. I tried to find a quote to describe how I feel, but nothing comes close. I'm just overwhelmed by the love and compassion of the human spirit in the time of need.

To start with....

My friend Rachel.
I sent out a prayer request for her to all of my friends. It was unbelievable to hear the responses. I spent all night worrying about her and her family. I kept praying, Please keep her safe, loved, and at peace through this tragedy. And then I heard her sweet voice the next day....she was doing ok, and I felt so bad about not being able to come see her immediately. And then she said, "Carmon is already here with me." Oh....sweet,reliable, Carmon......What a Friend!!! I automatically felt relief and thought my prayers were answered. When I got off the phone with Rachel I started crying tears of joy and happy we had a compassionate friend like Carmon.

What sinking feeling in the stomach it was to hear she had fallen! But she is such the trooper. I talked to her the next day and she sounded better than anyone I know!!!
It was so sweet that before I called I told the kids, "We have to call Mammaw because she fell and she isn't feeling very good." Zander immediately said, "Mammaw have some stuffed animals in her bed and she'll feel better."
What a proud mother I was to hear such compassion come from my child!

And finally, my problems...
On Monday, which how did my mom know I needed this she sent me a card and package.
On Tuesday, when I was in soooo much pain, my friend Steph called at exactly the right moment, when I needed her the most.
On Tuesday, when I was still at my neighbor and friend Indira went and got a prescription for me.....boy, was I thankful.......
On Wednesday, my friend and neighbor Trish, watched my kids so I could go shopping and rest a little bit.....another lifesaver friend....
On Friday, after Stephanie fixed me lunch, I got an incredibly sweet and touching email from my friends and neighbors....Trisha, Laura, Shannon, Meaghan, Indira, and Jessica,....who are going to fix me meals of all of next week. I am so grateful for their compassion and kindness.

So my point is in all of this, isn't is great to see the compassion around you even during the worst of times. Please continue to keep Rachel in your thoughts and remember show a small act of compassion to someone around never know what it could mean!

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