Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ready. set. glue!!!

In an attempt to turn my kids crafty, I have been letting Zander stay up late when he takes a good nap in the afternoon. (Those of you that know me best know late means 7:30......but it is late to him!) The last few nights we have been doing things with glue.

The other night started with this flower....
He wanted to make sure the green pom-poms were on the stem and leaves. After that, he just wanted his dad to help. Now that was a sight to see......Matt gluing pom-poms on a flower, too bad I didn't think to take a picture of that!
After a while we noticed that he mainly loved gluing.....not necessarily putting anything on the glue.

Never fear, Zander my dear!!! That is why they make glitter glue and puffy paint!!! I found some perfect miniature size ones at Target yesterday in the dollar aisle. They were perfect for our nightly art projects.
When I showed them to Zander and told him we could do some gluing after Kaya went to bed, he got soooo excited!!! When I was moving the dishes from the table so we would have a workspace, Zander looked up at me and enthusiastically said,
"Ready. Set. Glue!!!"

So here he is after he Ready, Set, Glued. It is so interesting to watch him. He is very particular about where each color goes and really takes his time. Notice the tongue sticking out of his mouth from concentrating so hard.

I'm sure we will do more gluing tonight. If we have any left, that is.......
Zan-Zan is particular about where it goes, but also puts TONS in their designated spots.

Here are the finished products....

an Easter Bunny with a painted egg....


an extremely colorful car.

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