Wednesday, March 5, 2008

gingerbread men

What a fun lesson we had yesterday.......
Run, Run as fast as you can,
You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man

I do love the internet. You can find anything when you decide to have a little mini-lesson on a whim! This adorable book and gingerbread poem was all I needed to get started. The kids are still repeating "Fast as you can, Fast as you can."

After reading our poem together, we made these paper gingerbread men. They are now adorning the doorway of the playroom.

Then we started having fun with the real stuff. I got this kit as a Christmas gift from our aunt was quite the hit!

You can see it was soooo tempting to taste them while decorating.

Now the finished products....

And finally, Zander & Kaya can have them for good!


Anonymous said...

Did Zander get his gingerbread man eaten? They both look so cute working and eating the gingerbread men. Matt, have you found out who pronounces the coroner's death? Maybe, his assistant?

Auntbarb said...

How adorable.....kyla says Kayas name is almost the same as hers!!! She actually noticed!! I showed them to the kids (my grankids) Now they want them....(maybe next year). You kids are BEAUTIFUL (of course look at their mom). love and miss you all!!!!