Thursday, May 8, 2008

best investment

Oh, the sandbox, the best investment made in this house in a long time. And Matt & I didn't even buy it. The kids did. I let them raid their piggybanks to get enough money to get a turtle sandbox with some sand. The sad part is they have more in their piggybanks than their poor parents.
Although I know they have no concept of how much things cost, they did love getting the money out & putting it into their wallets and billfolds. And they had so much fun going to Walmart with mom & dad to get their new outdoor treat!

Here they are before the big purchase.....getting ready for the buy.....

Look at our new sandbox!!!

And so many fun times afterwards....Mom loves it too, she can sit in peace without running around for a few minutes while we play...

1 comment:

Tee Tee said...

The new sand box looks like so much fun! Aunt Tee Tees can't wait to come down this summer and play with the 2 of you. Love Ya Bunches!!