Monday, May 5, 2008

blonde bob

Well, as much of a bob as you can get out of this much hair. Today Kaya went for her first official haircut ( I had snipped the scraggly piece out of her eyes once, but this was the first real cut).
I was anticipating a wiggly, crazy experience. Some of Zander's cuts have been kind of traumatic. But I worked up the courage to brave the salon with both kids by myself. It couldn't be any harder than the Target tantrums I've endured lately.
And it went well. Surprisingly well. I had Zander sit in the stroller and draw a picture of Kaya while getting her hair cut & Kaya sat perfectly still in my lap. She only moved around when she couldn't see herself in the mirror.
She LOVED getting her hair cut. She kept grinning at herself in the mirror and kept saying, "Kaya pretty."

Yes, you are Kaya. Yes, you are.

Here is my little girl who has such a self-esteem problem.....

The back view of the cut.

Now I can't keep her from prancing around and brushing her hair continuously ( I think Kaya has officially taken over your hairbrush, Grandma). And yes, she is still repeating her favorite phrase, "Kaya pretty."


Anonymous said...

You look so cute Kaya!!!! You can have Grandma's hair brush!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That haircut it adorable, she looks like a little lady!

Kara said...

She is too cute! I agree with her, Kaya is pretty!