Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Last week at the beach I was fortunate to have a few hours of solitude to read & enjoy myself.

But this weekend I got out of my comfort zone and went on another vacation mission. I left the kids for the first time with Matt and took a 3 day trip to see my friend Rachel.

I'm glad I had both of these moments of time away from my life to rest and get out of my rut. Right before this I was feeling like a hamster on a wheel......constantly moving but making no progress. The housework, the shopping, cooking, the entertaining of was all just getting to me. How was I going to make it through the tantrums and have an orderly, clean house?

I guess this is why vacations were invented. I came back so refreshed. Willing and eager to jump back into Domestic Bliss. I missed my kids & Matt but not enough to spoil my time away from them. I think they missed my too but enjoyed their time together.

Yesterday I did the same things I usually do but it seemed so much more meaningful. I planned my weekly meals, got our groceries, cleaned around the house, a couple loads of laundry......but it was so much more pleasant. I seemed to remember that I am serving an important role in life, I'm providing a happy, healthy home for my family.
And I survived the weekly tantrum in the store. But this time instead of leaving in a fuming fog I remembered how cute the kids were picking out the melons and pineapple for our fruit salad we're making today.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!