Saturday, May 31, 2008

summer break

Although I am no longer a teacher (well, a paid one) I feel like my brain has decided it is on summer break. I've been slacking on my lessons with the kids, I've been slacking on my housekeeping, I've also been slacking on my blogging. The only things I don't seem to be slacking on are my cooking and playing with the kids.

It isn't that I want to slack on my blogging, dear friends. I just can't think. My brain is in a pure mushy, summery, blissful state. I used to wake up each morning excited about what I could write about. Now, I wake up and think "Oh, I'll just sleep in some more.....the kids won't be up for a while." And they have been sleeping until 8 or after most days.......bliss.....

And then when I find time to return to the computer (after I've filled up the inflatable pools while the kids nap) I am at a total loss of words. I feel like nothing in my brain could possibly be interesting to any of you.

So, bear with my summer mind. My thoughts may come later. When I did teach I remember feeling like this for the first weeks of summer. Full of happiness and eagerness to spend every free second outside or inside reading a book. And slowly, I go back to myself. The not so laidback, fun self......the more responsible self.
So maybe one day soon, I will be back with more interesting posts... when I run out of bubbles and sunscreen.

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Amy said...

I know how you feel! Just enjoy spending time with your kids. They are only young once!