Sunday, May 4, 2008

stress relief

Relieving stress.....what do you do?

Have a glass of wine, read a good book, relax in a warm bath, clean while jamming to ipod tunes, sip some herbal tea, drink a cold beer, watch tv, create something crafty?

There are so many ways I relieve stress.....but the best way the other night was an unexpected one.

I was so wound up inside. The kids were trying my nerves, I was crampy, I just wanted to relax. So I was relieved it was Kaya's bedtime and time to read her 3 books for the night to her.

She is usually so wiggly but she will be still for her favorite books. She was so sweet, I was getting ready to lay her down and she said "Rockie, Rockie, Rocka Mama."

Kaya hardly ever wants to rock. She is usually all business when it concerns bedtime....lets read, then lets sleep. So her request to rock took me by surprise. And since this is a rarity I decided to embrace the chance to hold my little girl.

And what a chance it was. She held her panda and rocked it while I rocked her. She also requested to listen to Toven Zuget (Beethoven music). We rocked and she giggled quietly while pointing out my body parts and her panda's body parts. My stress just melted away when she whispered, "Panda nose" and took her teeny finger slowly to his nose and just giggled uncontrollably because she got it right. She also got a big thrill to grab mama's cheeks. There is not many sweeter sounds than her little-bitty voice and infectious laugh. We kept Rockie, Rockie, Rocka-ing for a while and then she looked up and said, "Night Night Please." I put her in her crib and she requested, "More Toven Zuget Mom."

This stress-relieving moment made me smile throughout the day today. Today was filled with challenges once again but I kept hoping I would have another bedtime routine to look forward to. And while we didn't Rockie, Rockie, Rocka as long as the night before, I still savored each minute of my time with my sweet little girl.

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