Thursday, May 1, 2008

this week I love...

a cookie picnic
Who wouldn't enjoy a cookie picnic at the park? The kids loved the delicious treats my friend Kara made and enjoyed swinging & sliding together. Zander and I even had some alone time to play and discovered a lizard on the slide. It was a treat to watch him observe the lizard and try to catch it.

the perfect playdate

Every once in a while, not often enough, I get together with my friends Kara & Stephanie and our growing brood of kiddies. It is so great to see them and laugh uncontrollably while the kids play. We taught 5th grade together and knew each other back when we were cool gals with no kids. So it is great to be with friends who knew me before I was the stay-at-home mom.
The kids love getting together soon so we are making a pact to get together at least once a month. Lets hope we do it!

trip down memory lane

One of my greatest treats this week is persuading my childhood best friend and cousin to start a blog. I love going on her site and bubble over with joy when I see a new post. Welcome to the blogging world, Amy!

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Amy said...

The cookie picnic looks like so much fun!!!!