Tuesday, May 27, 2008

reasons we had a perfect weekend

This weekend was truly perfect.......no plans, just go with the flow.
Here are my top reasons I loved this weekend.

BubblesThis year's first filling of the inflatable pools Impromptu cookout with our neighbors Bridgette & Dave Snuggling and watching Peter Pan (or Peter Pie, as Zander calls it) with the kiddos Watching Kunjan, Zander, & Kaya play with the water hoseMattieBear Watching Zander stay up with Lizzie to play and watch a movie Pool party at our neighbors Ernie & Veronica Eating at the rib ranch with the Patels Kaya diving head first into her little poolBaby Conner and Kaya kissing Family naps in the middle of each day Impromptu drinks with the neighbors on Sunday night

I hope each of you had a perfect weekend too.
Enjoy the remix.

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