Friday, May 16, 2008

crafty sushi


A crafty post. The original reason I started my showcase my love for crafting.
However, the biggest craft I've been involved in lately is to try to figure out how to juggle one child in the middle of the terrible twos and another child who thinks she should be in the terrible twos. That is a very time-consuming hobby in itself.

But yesterday I made myself take the time to do something I love. I have had the vision of play sushi in my mind for a while now...

I just took some mismatched socks and some colored felt to create......

Here is the finished product. The play sushi, or should I call them socky rolls.

I loved making them and can't wait to give them to one of my favorite little girls this weekend. I'm gonna make a batch for Zander and Kaya next week.
If I could develop a dream job for me ( in the future, of course), I would have a cute little shop where I made stuff like this. Of course I would need a business manager (because that is one talent I do not possess). Any takers out there?

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