Monday, June 15, 2009

future meteorologist

Anytime I need a weather update I don't turn on the news or check online......I ask my little meteorologist, Zander.

He is fascinated by weather. He loves to watch the weather channel,  gaze out clouds, and point out tornado sirens.  Okay,  he isn't fascinated by sunny, beautiful weather.......just the promise of storms.

So a couple of weeks ago,  when we were in Kentucky and on the boat,  Zander noticed some clouds.

After seeing these clouds (above)  he had a very intriguing explanation.

"Grandpa,  if I know one thing,  the one thing I know is that when the clouds go together there is going to be a bad storm.  I know it that one thing.  Those clouds up there are going to go together and we are going to have a bad storm."

We all just smiled and laughed at him because it was really too cute.  Grandpa then asked him if he wanted to keep riding on the boat.  Zan said,  "No we need to get out of the water and get into the truck quick!"

So our boat ride ended.  And wouldn't you know it, as we started to drive away from the lake,  it started raining.....

Thanks for the tip,  Meteorologist Zander.

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RYD said...

Aren't you amazed at your sweet little boy? Seriously! I think sometimes kids have a sixth sense. Don't ever second guess his weather predictions again - or he might have to prove you wrong again! :) Smarty Zander!