Monday, June 22, 2009

goin' hollywood

I know I originally came from Big Sinking, KY.......and I always dreamed of living in a bigger town........but I never knew I would be going HOLLYWOOD!  Well,  I did secretly dream of going Hollywood when I would jump out of the bath and sing into the mirror while smiling a my pretty self,  "I'm gonna wash that boy right out of my hair", and then I would swish my hair back and forth and say, "You are so beautiful."   And I wonder sometimes......why does my daughter always look in the mirror and say , " I am so pretty."  Yep,  I wonder.

But...we have gone Hollywood around here in Georgia.  It is pretty exciting.  I know I mentioned it before,  but we had a big-budget film,  Five Killers,  filming right here in my neighborhood in Woodstock, GA.  It was rather exciting....

Many of my neighbor friends were quite the paparrazi kids---I need to take lessons because I didn't get quite the shots they did!  I waited too late.  The night I went they said that they weren't letting people in to see the Five Killers shoot as close because too many cameras and their flashes disrupted the shoot.....darn.....
But,  I was lucky enough to see on facebook that many of my neighbors had seen Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl, so I had to walk up and get a glance (at 1:00 in the morning).  I walked up,  saw a guy that looked like Ashton (it could have been his stunt double, but I'll just pretend it was him) and zoomed in with my camera.
Wouldn't you know,  my battery died at that second!!!!  It just about killed me.  But I stood there and saw the car crash through the fences.  So very cool......I hope it is in the movie so I can say "I was there when they shot that scene!"

The pictures below are shots I got before the real action,  but it was still pretty exciting.

What is so funny is that now I've heard from so many people about the new TV show being filmed in the neighborhood I previously lived in.  The reality show is causing quite the stir around here....block party.  I really have no opinion about it since I no longer live there.....I actually think it is kind of cool that the 2 places I have lived in since I've been a "real grown-up" have been chosen for entertainment.

Yes,  it is quite exciting.  I'm just a simple girl from South-Eastern KY.  I love the excitement.....well, when it is the right kind of excitement.  Maybe soon the film-makers will want to make a Crafty Korisa sitcom (because you know the life at a stay-at-home mom would make rivoting tv watching) or even better a movie about Big Sinking, KY (the land is beautiful, and the people there are the best you'll ever meet).  

I'm sure either would make a very intriguing  film for all to watch.  

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