Saturday, June 27, 2009

a date with thomas and his friends

We took the kids today for their first "live" show.  It was at the fabulous Fox Theater here in Georgia.  It was so much fun to be going to a show in the city of Atlanta in the middle of summer with the entire city atmosphere.  Just watching the diversity of people,  the people playing instruments on the corner for money,  the firetrucks at stop-lights honking and waving at the kids was great fun.  I told Matt "Isn't it neat that we live so close to a big city to expose our kids to neat things like this."  And then I said,  "Of course or kids are so spoiled they will probably never know this is a special treat....they think it is the norm."

Anyway,  here are the kids and Matt in front of the theater.  We went to watch Thomas and Friends-Live!  I'd love to say it was the best show ever.  It was for them.  For us....well, come on,  it is Thomas.  The show both Matt & I think is the most boring one on earth.  The live show was much more entertaining than the tv program, thank goodness.  We had a great time!

Here are a few pics......some are blurry and flash photography, of course!

Here is Zan clapping during one of  the songs.  I don't think his eyes every left the stage during the entire show.

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