Sunday, June 21, 2009

birthday party season

We have soooo many birthday parties from June-October.  I would complain but my two kiddos fall smack dab in the middle of that party season also.  I'm convinced something is in the air here in Georgia between the months of November-January......way too many birthdays for that not to be the case!

So I was trying to think of something creative,  cute, and fun to give to all of my birthday sweeties around here.  

I came up with this idea.  Fill up large buckets with "outdoor" toys.  My kids loved picking out different things to put inside.

 You can "wrap" your buckets with a colorful beach towel.
And no need for a card.......just write the name on the shovel!
Speaking of birthdays,  we took Zander out today to pick out invitations for his party in July.  I used to meticulously cut and paste and make homemade ones for his parties.......yes,   I'm resorting to fill in the blank.....gasp!

I'm also resorting to just renting out a place for the fun (read,  no set-up,  no clean-up,  no week long preparation for the perfect party).  Not that I mind the work,  I love it.  But Zan wants it that way,  and it is his party.  He also told me he wanted to buy the cake.  That is where I draw the line.  I love my cakes!  And they are so expensive to buy.  At least I can use my creativity in one department for the birthday parties.

So we took him to pick out his theme.  I was encouraging him to pick superheroes or dinosaurs.  I could really make some spectacular cakes with those themes.  I was envisioning a tall building for the superheroes or maybe a volcano with dinosaurs around cool!

But my predictable, serious,  little guy knows what he likes.  And he likes Cars movie.  Let me rephrase that,  he LOVES Cars Movie.  That is our theme-----for the 3rd year in a row........Sigh.....

So another car cake.  Well, we are saving money.......I already have a car cake pan.  I'll try to be creative.  I'm sure it will be fantastic.  Maybe I can talk Kaya into letting her mommy have a more exciting themed cake this year.....

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RYD said...

What a great idea to wrap the bucket with a fun beach towel! Very cute gift idea for the kids - especially in summer.