Tuesday, June 2, 2009

at least traveling gets easier.......

Well, at least traveling in the car is easier. ( I'm still working on a plan to get us to all sleep comfortably) So there are some benefits to a two and 3 year old.

We are on our annual trip to Kentucky for Bible School. This year, like last, I brought my wonderful "niece" Katie with us. Yep, people think I'm crazy driving for hours with 3 kiddos in the backseat. Truly it isn't that bad at all.

All 3 are great travelers. Last year they were great in the car too except on the way home and I think they truly had seen each other for too long........almost 6 days straight, together all hours of the day.......
The only issue I had last year was pit-stops on the road. Unbuckling, carrying, going to the potty, changing a diaper, picking out snacks, buckling back in.........that was a bit trying with 3 small kids 6 and under.

But this year the stop was bliss. It is wonderful (and also a little sad that they are so big now). They all unbuckled themselves. Walked on the sidewalk without running away. Used the potty, washed hands. Picked out a drink and snack. Got back in the car, buckled themselves in.
Then they sat in the back and talked, read books, or played with their leapsters.

A great start to the week............lets hope it stays this way.

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RYD said...

See? It's getting better already! Plus, somehow the universe knows when you are at your wit's end you need a break. And viola! You get a day like that one. :)