Thursday, June 11, 2009

a day in the life of me

An often heard question,  "So what has been going on?"

My answer,  "Just taking care of the kids......being a stay-at-home mom."

Sounds simple,  maybe even boring and/or relaxing to some.

As I start to type this I've already heard twice,  "Mommy,  I'm hungry.  I want some more popcorn."

Lets backtrack about an hour.

I heard Kaya waking up and thought (optimistically,  I now know)...I'll get them both a snack,  put a load of clothes, in the washer, and take a quick shower while they watch the beginning of Mary Poppins.

(Just to let you know.......I had to go break up a "fight" right after I typed that sentence.  They were arguing because Kaya is on top of her sleeping bag and Zander wants her inside of it during their "snack & movie time".  Yes,  they both have separate ones.......why does it matter?  Jeez......)

So anyway I go to get Kaya out of bed and a little poopy surprise is waiting for me.  She has been potty-trained for a couple of weeks and I've been letting her sleep in her panties during naptime.  No accidents all week.  None at all until today.  On the clean sheets that I just changed on her bed.  
She obviously needs to be cleaned up.  The wipes are gone.  I suddenly remember they are in the car.  I run down to the car to get them and see that our soccer ball-pit is blowing away in the severe thunderstorm that is coming through.  I rush out to get the pit in the garage and frantically try to pick up the 350 balls that have fallen out of it.  As I'm doing that,  Zander and Kaya are at the back door wailing and screaming.  I run in,  "What's wrong?"  They cry,  "The storm is going to blow you away mom."  I assure them,  "No,  I don't really think the wind can pick mommy up and take me away right now.  I'm going to go get your balls picked can watch right here at the door."

I'm sure the neighbors were laughing hilariously if they saw me out there on the ground rushing to pick up a bunch of balls before I either get struck by lightening,  get drenched in rain, or as the kids say get blown away.  I suddenly realize the kids are no longer crying.  I glance at the door.  
They are laughing.  Why would they be laughing, you ask?  Because they had gotten the sunscreen spray out (of the top of the matter how high up you put things,  they can climb to get it,  very ingenious kids I have).  The spray was covering the door,  the windows, and all of the cloth chairs in our kitchen.
I run in,  confiscate the spray,  and get as many balls as I think I safely can.  I got almost all of them,  only 25 or so are still outside.  I rush back in.  Tell the kids I'm finally gonna get the wipes......Kaya is smelling lovely by this time, yes.   I run to the car, come back inside.........

About 200 of the balls that I just picked up outside are now all over the kitchen floor.  I tell them both to pick them all up if they want popcorn and to use the kitchen towels to clean up all of the sunscreen.

My 30 minutes of laundry and shower time didn't go exactly as planned.

This isn't an unusual 30 minutes in my life.  Just another boring and/or relaxing day.  Yep,  a day in the life of me.  


Sue said...

Oh, Korisa, I feel your pain! So sorry that that happened!! It is funny though, reading it. Hopefully you can look back on it and laugh (someday...) :)

RYD said...

This made me laugh out loud - and it's so true! Because our lives "seem" so boring and yet, in 15 minutes, we manage to pack in a natural disaster, a potty training disaster and a safety disaster (sunscreen). Every day should be called Mother's Day. :)