Wednesday, June 24, 2009

visiting friends

There really is nothing better than visiting friends.  Especially friends that you are so comfortable with that you can do absolutely anything together and enjoy it.
There are some friends I call my "napping friends".  If I'm comfortable enough to nap in the same bed with a friend.....I trust them with anything and know they will never judge me.  Of course it would be nice to have the time to just nap with friends and relax these days......the woes of being a mom. 

I have one wonderful friend,  Rachel, that I love to visit.  She is definitely a "napping friend"---when I was on bedrest with Zan she just came over and crawled into bed with me.  There was nothing I needed more that to have her just hang out with me at that time.  We used to spend tons of time together here but of course she had to move away.  Because I value our friendship so much I try to visit her at least once a year.  We have progressed from teaching together,  partying together, to now being mommies together.

It is fun to go up North for a while.  I love seeing the scenery,  the historic buildings,  the differences in the towns and atmosphere.

It is especially fun to have such a relaxing room to sleep in.  Honestly,  the room I stay in there reminds me of being on vacation on an island.  Okay,  so maybe I shouldn't have aggravated Rachel about her Feng Shei decorating.  Because it is a very calming,  peaceful room.

Eating fresh crabs made for a yummy treat too.
But the best part of the visit was hugging this beautiful friend (and giving her 11 kisses from Zander) and meeting Baby Kyle for the first time.
Seeing this cute face was pretty awesome too.  She loved the princess blanket I made her (in the background of the next two pics).  I honestly have never seen a child so appreciative and excited about a gift.  It was so fun to give it to her!!!

It was also fun hanging out in the backyard.  All of the perennials blooming were so beautiful (not so beautiful for my allergy-stricken head, but oh well).

Each morning I loved torturing Savannah's parents by letting her put make-up on with me.  I'm so proud of her for being a beautiful girly-girl.  Aunt Korisa's job of making her love sparkly,  princess stuff has been accomplished.

Here is sweet Kyle.  Such a perfect baby boy.

And here I am enjoying my golden niece and golden nephew.  I miss them so much already....
I always treasure my time with Rachel,  Shawn,  Savannah, and Kyle.  Can't wait to see you guys again.  xoxoxo

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So where do they live now?