Saturday, January 12, 2008


If you haven't heard of Pandora internet radio......what a treat you have to discover!!!

You can subscribe for free and customize your own radio stations to your liking. This is what I do on Saturday nights while Matt and I watch TV (boy, we have such wild lives). I also love putting in an artist or song title while I'm cleaning the kitchen and can listen to it on my laptop.

It is so cool.......just type in an artist or song you like and it continually plays songs similar to your own personalized radio station. You can make a bunch of different stations-just select the one you want to listen to the next time you log on. I currently have Jack Johnson, Everclear, Alabama, Rod Stewart, and The Refreshments. I'm getting ready to add more on this wild & crazy Saturday night!!!

Have fun listening to your favorite music!

By the way.....I did finish 2 puppets......I'll share them when they are all complete!!!

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