Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Waiting to go inside for our playdate

Zander & Kaya were so excited to see their friend Lily for a playdate. I have to admit, I was just as excited to see her mom!

I love watching my children interact with others and see their "public" personalities emerge. Zander is usually much more reserved. I see him turn into a sensitive, observant little boy when he is with others. He's not the wild, boisterous guy that runs around our house with Kaya. He was even a serious baby so it is nice to see that side of him again on occasion.
Kaya, on the other hand, is silly as usual.......and maybe even more daredevilish. She giggles all the time and is a happy-go-lucky little lady!

Speaking of playing---
the other day at the park I had a parenting moment. You know, one of those moments when your heart gets tugged at and you think "so this is what it feels like to be a mother."

Zander & Kaya were swinging and screeching in pure delight when Zander said, "Look at all those friends out there!"
That is when my heart skipped........how sweet and innocent.........then I started thinking in mother mode----Oh, I hope he does have a lot of friends. My mind started to flashforward and think of all the moments in the future of when I will have to see him with all the friends I don't necessarily choose for him. I just hope he is kind to them and they are kind to him........but I do know there is reality out there and that may not always happen.

So after that moment of panic and thinking he is growing up soooooooo fast, I am so thankful that I can still have a few more years that I can take him on his playdates with his friends and be there with him.

Saying Goodbye to Lily

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JennyB said...

Brandon said he had a terrible day at school today because no one would play with him during free time. He lives for time with his friends and this was devastating. So, the story goes that he dropped frosting from his cupcake on the ground and swooped up some with his hand and licked it. Some girls saw him and said he was gross and then they told they boys what he did and everyone ran away from him. He was all teary while telling me this on the way home from school. I felt so bad for him. Life is tough on tender hearts.