Monday, January 28, 2008

look at that balloon

Wouldn't it be great to have such a young and innocent mind?

All you really have to worry about is....Look at that balloon!

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Luckily for Zander we live very close to a landing strip and often see hot-air balloons. We even had some right above our house last was Matt says, "It sounded like a dragon was in our backyard."

But Zander had to go look at this one a few days was cold ( yes, I know my Northern snowbirds are laughing at what I call "cold"). But he loved looking at it. It really got close to our house later on.....when I didn't have them camera on me! He still talks about seeing the balloon over his house.

Kaya liked it enough long enough to say "Bloon".....and then she wanted to run around........typical!!!

So I'm hoping all of you find a "balloon" today to bring you unprecedented joy!!! What we could all learn from a 2 year old!

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